10 Bowflex Exercises That You’ve Probably Never Tried

10 Bowflex Exercises

Bowflex machines are fast becoming all the rage in home gyms, as they provide you with a highly effective workout without taking up a lot of space. The patented Power Rod Technology replaces all the bulky weights you normally find with other equipment and it is usually more affordable than purchasing a variety of different … Read more

10 Tips for Setting Up a Small Home Gym

Setting Up a Small Home Gym

Picture the scene. It’s blowing a gale outside and you have just finished a ten-hour day in the office, where everything that could go wrong did. The subway is packed and you have nothing in the fridge for dinner. All you want to do is to get home, but you suddenly remember you haven’t been … Read more

These Mini Elliptical Machines Will Get You Fit in Front of the TV

Mini Elliptical Machines

There are many benefits that you can take advantage of when deciding to invest in a mini elliptical trainer for home-based workouts. First, they are much more affordable than full-sized ellipticals, they don’t take up much space, and they can easily be stored away to prevent your living room getting cluttered. A good quality mini … Read more

Trainer Gym Reviews: What’s with the Underwater Treadmill?

Underwater Treadmill

  Treadmills have been used for decades as a form of cardio exercise and there are now numerous different types of motorized and non-motorized machines designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Treadmills have come a long way since they were first introduced and the once-primitive designs have transformed into versatile and sleek looking … Read more

How to Use a Curved Treadmill (and Our Top Picks for 2019)

Curved Treadmill

  Curved treadmills are quickly becoming the go-to machines for many people around the world who enjoy running as a cardio workout, but don’t want to risk injuring their joints over time by running on a standard treadmill or on the sidewalk. Running on a curved treadmill is now a popular option for athletes who … Read more

Compact Elliptical Trainer: Pros, Cons, and FAQs

Compact Elliptical Trainer

  A compact elliptical trainer can be incredibly convenient fitness equipment for those who want to be able to do home based workouts but have limited space. Just like any exercise machines, a compact elliptical trainer has got some positive elements, but also there are some downsides. To start with, they are super affordable, which … Read more

Best Recumbent Bike for Home Gym Options (2019 Review)

Recumbent Bike

  Home gyms are becoming an increasingly popular option for people who have a fast-paced lifestyle, yet want to stay in shape. And while we all dream of having a huge basement gym kitted out with all the best exercise equipment, such as spin bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and low-impact workout gear, the reality is … Read more

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Weight: Ultimate Guide for 2019

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Weight

With Summer fast approaching, everyone is asking themselves what the best way to lose weight is so that they can flaunt their beach bodies with confidence and style. And while many people have the luxury of finding the time to go for a long run in the countryside, others find themselves restricted to the types … Read more

Rowing Machines Benefit People of All Ages

Rowing Machine Benefits

It is not easy for a newbie to choose an exercise program—or even those at an intermediate level for that. Everyone loves to get in the right shape and it is not as strenuous as you may think. You do not have to scale mountains to achieve this. To improve your general health is ideal … Read more

Rowing Machine Calorie Counter: Make It Count

Rowing Machine Calorie Counter

It is no longer breaking news that the rowing machine can burn calories faster and easier than most other gym equipment. In other words, the rowing exercise has more impact on burning calories than other cardio machines currently on the market, such as the elliptical machine or stair climber. Millions of people try to reduce … Read more