7 Best Pull-up Bars|2021 Review

7 Best Pull-up Bars

The biggest problem with fitness equipment reviews is they are often outdated. You could find yourself trying to buy items that are no longer being manufactured after reading their reviews. Well, don’t worry because this is our 2021 review of the best pull-up bars. First, let’s take a look at what makes a good pull-up … Read more

The Best Dip Belts For Adding Weight To Dips and Pullups

The Best Dip Belts For Adding Weight to dips and pullups

2020 saw a massive spike in the number of people that started doing home workouts. The thing with working out at home is you are often doing bodyweight workouts. These are pull-ups, dips, squats, and sit-ups. Sometimes, we start to want to add weight to our body-strength workouts and that is where dip belts come … Read more

7 Best Calisthenics Gloves | Get Your Grip On!

7 Best Calisthenics Gloves

The equipment we take with us to the gym is extremely important. In fact, your equipment is important regardless of where you are training. When it comes to calisthenics, you need to have the right equipment and one of the most important parts of that is your gloves. So, what makes a good calisthenic glove? … Read more

The Best Calisthenics Equipment For Your At-Home Gym

The Best Calisthenics Equipment

Calisthenics has a wealth of benefits. One of the biggest of those is the ability to do it anywhere you want. With that being said, having the right equipment can make doing calisthenic workouts at home a pleasure. If you Have the right equipment, you can also increase the efficiency of your workouts. For a … Read more

7 Best Push-up Bars | 2021 Review

7 Best Pushup Bard 2021 Review

At the gym that I used to go to, there wasn’t really much equipment for doing things such as push-ups. So, I used to have to stack plates on top of each other and do my push-ups like that. That was until I got a set of push up bars that I carried around with … Read more

How To Maintain a Healthy Weight Without Exercise

How To Maintain A Healthy Weight Without Exercise

It is a well-known fact that most people do not want to exercise but wish to lose weight. On the contrary, some of us do not have time to work out due to specific instances in our lives, like taking care of children or being in a demanding job. Not being able to work out … Read more

How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally & Permanently Without Exercise

How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally & Permanently Without Exercise

Many people have hectic lives and have difficulty finding a few minutes to start exercising in their weight loss journey. Other times, people hate it and cannot get their mindsets right to work out and find a different way to lose unwanted fat or pounds. If you are like me and want to lose weight … Read more

How Much Weight Should I Lift to Build Muscle?

How Much Weight Should I Lift to Build Muscle?

You came here with an expectation of how many weights you should lift to gain muscle mass. However, one of the things you should know is a common misconception about lifting any form of weight: the more you lift, the faster you will see and feel results. Of course, increasing muscle and improving yourself is … Read more

How Many Times a Week Should I Lift Weights to Gain Muscle?

Lift Weights to Gain Muscle

If you are new to bodybuilding or want a better understanding of lifting weights to maintain a healthy muscle build, you came to the right place. The last thing you want to do is overwork yourself to the point where your muscles tear, and you can hardly move that area of your body anymore. Lifting … Read more

17 Exercises You Can Do at a Playground for a Full Body Workout

17 Exercises You Can Do at a Playground for a Full Body Workout

Oftentimes, even for people who go to the gym regularly, there will be times where you arein or near a playground but still might not be able to see the workout opportunities availablein the playground. In this article, we are going to list 17 exercises you can do with noequipment except for what’s in the … Read more