Muscular Endurance Exercises

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Building muscle is great in and of itself, but if those same muscles are not able to gradually endure more resistance, it can be difficult to improve your overall physique. To improve your muscular endurance, what are some different exercises that will be effective?  Muscular endurance exercises include push ups, battle ropes, dips, kettlebell swings, … Read more

Does Plyometric Exercises Burn Fat?

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There are so many different benefits to plyometric exercises, but every individual is going to have their own motivations behind their activity. When it comes to plyometric exercises, are they good for burning fat?  Plyometric exercises burn fat as this type of workout includes an eccentric, amortization, and concentric component that encompass a stretch-shortening cycle … Read more

Benefits of Exercises

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It is no secret that exercising is a way to improve your overall health. There are so many ways to get a great workout out in, but when it comes down to the overall benefits, do you really know what they are? What are the benefits of exercises?  The benefits of exercises include weight control, … Read more

Cardiovascular Endurance Exercises

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The heart is a muscular organ that is crucial to your survival. Therefore, the health of your heart must also be a top priority to keep it functioning well throughout your life. Cardiovascular endurance exercises are a great way to keep your heart healthy, but what do they include?  Cardiovascular endurance exercises include power walking, … Read more

Plyometric Exercises

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There are so many exercise options out there that the wide variety can be dizzying for those beginning to find their way around the workout world. If you discover that plyometric workouts work well for you, you may be looking for a few different exercises to put into your routine.  Different plyometric exercises include plyometric … Read more

Do Calisthenics Burn Fat?

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There are so many benefits to exercising, but some one of the most sought-out benefits is its ability aid in burning fat. When it comes to calisthenics, it is great with muscle building, flexibility, and improving overall health, but does it burn fat?  Calisthenics is great for burning fat due to the nature of the … Read more

The Best HIIT Cardio Workouts You Can Do At Home

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There is a certain advantage to being able to work out at home: there is no fighting crowds for your favorite machine, no commute, and no membership fees. When it comes to HIIT cardio workouts, what are some of the best exercises you can do at home?  The Best HIIT cardio workout you can do … Read more

Calisthenics For Beginners (9 Key Workouts + More)

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No matter what new workout you are trying, the key term to that sentence is that it is “new.” To be a beginner at anything can be intimidating, but if you are trying calisthenics for the first time, what are some of the key workouts to get you started?  9 key calisthenic workouts for beginners … Read more

The Benefits of the Wall Sit: Underestimated Lower Body Exercise

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The wall sit exercise is excellent for building quadriceps strength, working the muscles in the front of your thighs.  This lower body exercise is generally used to build isometric strength and endurance in the quads, glutes, and calves.  The wall sit is not a particularly complicated exercise, but many people still do it wrong.  To … Read more

At Home Workout Guide to Stay Fit Without a Gym

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Whether you’re trapped indoors because of the weather, the pandemic, or you just need to save some money on your gym membership, here is everything you need to know to create the perfect at-home fitness routine and stay fit without going to the gym. The pandemic has made us acutely aware of how ‘germy’ the … Read more