Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Benefits of Indoor Cycling - WP

Being able to get out on the open road is great for those who have the option, but for those of you that prefer the safety of their home for cycling, indoor cycling is the next best thing. When it comes to indoor cycling, what are the benefits?  The benefits of indoor cycling include calories … Read more

How to Use a Rowing Machine Correctly

How to Use a Rowing Machine Correctly - WP

When it comes to figuring out how to use any exercise machine, the process can be rather intimidating when faced with a multitude of parts and levies. If you are new to the rowing machine world, you may be wondering how exactly to use a rowing machine correctly?  To use a rowing machine correctly, start … Read more

How Often Should I Eat?

How Often Should I Eat - WP

From hearing that you should eat six small meals a day to three large meals and a few snacks in between, it can be incredibly confusing to know just how much is enough, but not too much or too little when it comes to calorie intake, begging the question: How often should I eat?  Generally, … Read more

Are Resistance Bands Effective?

Are Resistance Bands Effective - WP

There are so many different machines, bikes, weights, and ropes available in the fitness world that one can end up lost trying to figure out what is truly effective and what is better left unused. When it comes to the use of resistance bands, are they effective?  Resistance bands are effective because they offer a … Read more

Do Resistance Bands Build Muscle?

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With most exercises and exercise equipment, there is a general goal of not only burning calories but also building muscle to a degree. For some, this may be a bigger focus than others, but when using something like a resistance band, can they help build muscle?  Resistance bands can build muscle, as one of the … Read more

How to Use Resistance Bands for Arms

How to Use Resistance Bands for Arms - WP

Resistance bands offer individuals a wide variety of uses from physical therapy to muscle building, but when it comes to figuring out how to use them to target a specific area of the body, it can get confusing. When focusing on your arms, how do you use resistance bands?  To use resistance bands for arms … Read more

Best Rowing Machines For Beginners

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If you are able to get out on the water and participate in the actual sport, the next best thing to this incredibly physically intensive sport is a rowing machine. If you are a beginner trying to navigate your way around such an item, what are the best rowing machines out there?  The best rowing … Read more

How to Choose a 30 Minute Standing Cardio Workout


You need to be doing more than just jogging every day, if you want to increase your muscle mass, burn fat and improve your cardiovascular health, then you need to incorporate a quality 30 Minute Standing Cardio Workout into your daily exercise program. This type of workout is great for increasing the oxygen intake of … Read more

At Home Chest Workouts

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Working out at the gym means you have every piece of equipment at your disposal, making a chest workout just about as easy as it can get. However, if you are not able to get to the gym or you’d rather work out from home, what are some chest exercises you can do from there? … Read more