Best Pull-up Bars for Home: What You Should Know

Whether you want something to do during your day off from work or wish to find the perfect exercise tools for your in-home gym,

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pull up bar

Whether you want something to do during your day off from work or wish to find the perfect exercise tools for your in-home gym, consider getting some pull-up bars as part of your exercise routine. 

Pull-up bars are often perfect as you can easily hang them around your doorframes or strategically in your home. Because they are so convenient, you may ask yourself: What are the best pull-up bars for your home? Let’s find out. 

There are many pull-up bars you can get. However, the best ones are thoroughly researched, which we have done for you. Here is a quick list, which we will cover in more detail down below:


  • Sportsroyals Power Tower pull up
  • RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE power tower pull up bar
  • Ally Peaks pull up bar for doorway
  • Multi-Grip pull up bar with smart larger hooks technology
  • Iron Gym pull up bar for doorway
  • Yes4All heavy duty pull up bar for doorway
  • AmazeFan pull up bar doorway with ergonomic grip


In this article, we will review each pull-up bar mentioned above, discuss its benefits, and discuss whether using one can build muscle. You do not want to miss this ultimate guide, so we encourage you to continue reading! 


What Are the Best Pull-up Bars for Your Home?


Here, we review each pull-up bar. For visual learners, we have provided photos to ensure you get to gather every aspect of each product mentioned. 

pull up bar

1. Sportsroyals Power Tower Pull Up


The first product on our list is the Sportsroyal power tower pull-up bars. Since you want to ensure they fit in your space, these bars measure 41.2″ L x 39.7″ W x 88.18″ H. The measurements are made for gyms with limited space, perfect for inside your apartment, garage, basement, bedroom, etc. 

The second thing you should know is that this product is highly durable and made of commercial steel. The cars can hold a weight capacity up to 450 pounds, so you can feel confident that they are secure enough for you and your needs! Even after you use them, this piece of equipment will show no signs of wear and tear, ensuring their longevity. 

Not only are these pull-ups sturdy, but they also provide multiple hand positions. This allows you to have a comfortable grip and helps target different muscle areas. Because of this, your workout will remain engaging and not lead to boredom. 

Lastly, we are happy to tell you that the Sportsroyal pull-up bar contains armrests and a backrest for extra comfort. Also, it comes in a 10-degree reclined position, 6 adjustable height options, and 7 adjustable wide-fitted backrests to ensure it meets the whole family’s workout needs.



Relife Rebuild Your Life power tower pull-up bar is another excellent choice because it is highly affordable and made of high-quality alloy steel. This makes you feel safe knowing the bars will hold up no matter your exercise. Plus, the bars can hold up to 450 pounds! The bar is also designed to fit in small spaces, measuring 42.9″ L x 35.4″ W x 88.6″ H.

The bars are multifunctional, as they build triceps, shoulder, and chest muscles. They will help you build upper body muscle and strength. In addition, there are 9 height adjustments, which range between 58.5 and 89 inches, making it suitable for all adults and can be used by many members of your household. 

Lastly, this equipment piece has multiple designs, including 3 levels of armrest adjustments (20.47 to 22.44 inches), 4 levels of backrest adjustments (7 to 9.8 inches), and 2 levels of leg press adjustments, making it customizable for you and your household members.


3. Ally Peaks Pull Up Bar for Doorway


Coming on our first doorway pull-up bar, we have Ally Peaks, made of 1.7mm thickened heavy-duty alloy steel, allowing the fine powder coating to prevent corrosion and rust from occurring. The handles are coated with high-fiber foam, allowing more comfort for the palms of your hands. 

Although the bar is simple, it can hold up to 440 pounds. It can be used for many different exercises, including pull-ups, push-ups, hanging crunches, dips, and more. It can essentially replace many kinds of equipment you may have considered investing in otherwise.

Because this is a doorway pull-up bar, you can put it anywhere in your home that is the most convenient for you. However, it does not need to be limited to just your home; you can place it in your workplace if you can. 

This pull-up bar can be mounted on any standard 24—to 32-inch doorway. It is also easy to install and ready for use in just a few minutes. What a deal! 

4. KAKICLAY Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar with Smart Larger Hooks Technology


Here, we have an excellent doorway pull-up bar from Kakiclay, which can hold up to 440 pounds! The distance between the two hooks can fit a door width of 21.65 to 36.22 inches, providing a depth of 8.27 inches. 

However, the cool part about this product is that you can cut the upper bar shorter if you have a small doorway, like your closet or something else. This company wants to ensure you get the correct length for whatever type of doorway you have! Plus, you have a 24-month hassle-free warranty if anything specific goes wrong. 

In other news, the bars contain an ergonomic grip that helps protect your wrists from damage. Plus, this specific pull-up bar set is perfect for tall people as it has a raised bar. The foam grip is nonslip and durable, providing an extra thick rod that ensures a firmer grip. 

5. Iron Gym Pull Up Bar for Doorway


The Iron Gym is similar to the Ally Peaks mentioned above. However, it is made out of heavy-duty steel material and can only hold up to 350 pounds. This particular bar set’s dimensions are 20 x 3.25 x 8 inches long and can fit up to a 35.4-inch wide door frame, meaning the doorway should be anywhere between 24 to 32 inches wide to accommodate the bar. 

This pull-up bar is ideal for adding to your in-home workout gym as it helps you work on several exercises, including chin-ups, pull-ups, wide grip push-ups, dips, arm exercises, shoulder exercises, and more. Lastly, these pull-up bars contain professional-grade comfort foam for a more comfortable ergonomic grip. 

6. Yes4All Heavy Duty Pull Up Bar for Doorway


Yes4All’s pull-up bar is unique because it has an ergonomic grip, wall protection, and enhanced foam pad protection. This particular doorway set is ‎43 x 10.5 x 2 inches and can hold up to 300 pounds. 

This pull-up bar can fit doorways between 32 and 38 inches wide and 4 3/4 to 6 1/4 inches thick. The product is made of stainless steel, and because it can hold a lot of weight, it prevents the bar from bending or deforming. 

If you are looking for a multifunctional workout station, look no further than the Yes4All pull-up bar. This station contains five handle positions that target the upper body and core muscles. You can do pull-ups, chin-ups, wide-grip pull-ups, and hand-leg raises. 

Be creative with what you can do—without hurting yourself, at least! This doorway exercise system can target many muscles, so don’t miss out on getting something fantastic for an affordable price.

7. AmazeFan Pull Up Bar Doorway with Ergonomic Grip


The last pull-up bar we will discuss is from AmazeFan. It is easy to install, can hold up to 440 pounds, and fits a door width of 23.33 to 36.22 inches. The bars have a depth of 8.27 inches and a trim height of 3.54 inches. We encourage you to measure your door frame before purchasing. 

Moreover, the ergonomic angled grips for wide grips are ideal for increasing the width of the latissimus dorsi while protecting your wrists. This particular workout station is perfect for boxing (as you can hang a punching bag on it), push-ups, and pull-ups, providing more exercise for your muscles. 

Lastly, this pull-up bar saves space in your home, so it is ideal for a small house or apartment. Plus, you can store it away in a few seconds after training without preventing damage to your doorframe, thanks to the detachable buffer plastic pads the bars come with. 


Can You Build Muscle With a Pull-up Bar?


Yes, you can build muscles with a pull-up bar. In fact, it is very effective. However, you will need to know how to tweak any exercises your muscles might have become accustomed to in order to achieve your muscle-building goals. 

Make sure you are doing enough reps and sets to build more muscles per week. For example, doing 3 to 5 sets of pull-ups and 8 to 15 reps roughly three times per week is ideal for those wanting to build muscle. 


Can You Do Pull Ups Everyday?


According to Healthline, daily pull-ups can help build muscle endurance, but they are not ideal as they can strain muscles. 

Nowadays, many social media influencers provide challenges for themselves, but that is all it should be if you were to do said challenge. This is also mainly for those more proficient in exercising, as novices will likely hurt themselves. 

Plus, these social media challenges are complex for trained fitness enthusiasts. So, it is not wise to do pull-ups daily unless you know what you are doing. 


What Are the Benefits of Using a Pull up Bar at Home?


There are many benefits to using a pull-up bar. Some include improving your posture, strengthens your upper body and it is extremely cost-effective. Let us dive deeper on the subject below:


1. Improves Your Posture


Actively engaging in pull-ups makes extensive use of your back muscles. As such, you will innately sit up properly and not have that insufferable caveman slouch most people in our society have adopted. More importantly, if you frequent a computer, you will benefit even more as these posture adjustments can spill into your work productivity.


2. Strengthens Your Grip


When you do pull-ups, you put all your body weight squarely upon your hands (and all related muscle groups). Ultimately, you are actively increasing your grip strength, purely because of the endurance and capability required to repeat the same movements.


3. Increases Your Core Stability


Core stability will increase overall due to the same repetitive movements. Proper pull-ups engage all of your core muscle groups, and maintaining a concise speed up and down simultaneously strengthens your control and mastery over these muscles.


4. Strengthens Your Upper Body


Due to how pull-ups are performed, you must utilize multiple muscle groups to execute them properly. Over time, you will see increased strength and a more sculpted physique and be able to perform more pull-ups in general.


5. Cost Effective


After the initial investment in your pull-up bar, you’ll benefit from using it indefinitely until it breaks or you decide to stop. Most pull-up bars last for roughly seven years before breaking in some way, which means you will get seven years of incredible workouts and upper body gains after that first bit of spending. Few things in life will pan out for that time frame, especially in the world of fitness.

Another focal point to be aware of is that when doing pull-ups, the effort is entirely dependent on your current weight and muscle mass, so you’ll always be able to get a great workout, regardless of weather or time of day.


6. Provides Convenience and Accessibility


Tying in directly with what was said above, you can utilize your pull-up bar at any time, during any weather, and for any reason, so you won’t be able to make silly excuses regarding distance, being social, or anything else that might dissuade you from making your gains.


7. Saves Space in Your Home


Because of how pull-up bars are designed, you can easily store them in a closet or even under your bed, depending on how your apartment or home is designed. Thus, you can easily make room for them no matter how small your living space is.


Final Thoughts


At the end of the day, a pull-up bar is a fantastic investment in your personal health and fitness routine. While it may seem a bit steep initially, you’ll get more than your money’s worth in calories burned. It’s also a great way to stay in shape, no matter what is going on in your life, assuming you can spare a few minutes.

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