Best Power Tower For Calisthenics

When you are looking for home workout equipment, one of the cheapest options is power towers. A power tower is a piece of exercise equipment primarily used to build upper body strength while also increasing the strength of your core muscles. Not only are power towers easy to set up, but they also provide you with a piece of equipment that will allow you to do a vast array of workout routines. But what are the best power towers to help you with calisthenics?

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When it comes to choosing the best power towers, there are quite a few that you can choose from. A few examples of the power towers that we will be talking about in this article are as follows:

  • Bowflex Body Tower
  • Multi-Function VKR Power Tower
  • HARISON Multifunction Power Tower
  • VKR Home Gym STB-98501
  • ZENOVA Power Tower

Each of the power towers on the list provided above are all excellent pick for your power tower. Most are adjustable for people of different heights, and they all have plenty of options that will allow you to change up your workout at a moment’s notice.

As you continue to read this article, we will be discussing the benefits of working out on a power tower. Afterward, we will go in-depth with each of our best power tower picks.

What Are The Benefits Of Working Out On A Power Tower?

There are plenty of benefits that you will gain from working out on a power tower. Some of which come from exercising in general. However, power towers and calisthenics bring their benefits to the table.

  1. Better Physical And Mental Health

As it is with all forms of exercise, working out on a power tower will increase your physical and mental health. By doing calisthenics, you are using your body weight to build muscle and tone. As a result, you will lose tons of calories as you work out, which will help you lose weight. Losing weight has many health benefits on its own, but calisthenics is possibly the best exercise to combat natural aging.

Calisthenics aims to strengthen your muscles by allowing them to lift and move your body. Calisthenics is one of the best strategies to prevent aging since the regions where it helps the most are the ones that deteriorate with age and cause difficulties.

Exercising with a power tower will also help increase your mental health. It is scientifically proven that exercising releases endorphins in your brain. The endorphins that are released help you in many ways like:

  • Combatting Depression
  • Reducing Stress
  • Increasing your motivation
  • Make you feel more confident
  • Give you an overall better mindset and mood
  • Give you the energy to do other activities throughout the day
  1. Prevents Injuries And Helps Improve Joint Health

Calisthenics is generally classified as closed kinetic chain workouts. This simply implies that your body’s limbs are in continual touch with a stationary item. As with pull-ups, your hands must remain attached to the fixed bar. In contrast to closed kinetic chain workouts such as leg curls, which allow the legs and feet to move freely. 

Closed chain exercises are better for physical therapy because they are more similar to real-life motions, involve numerous joints, and train various muscle groups simultaneously. As a result, physiotherapists prescribe these workouts to enhance joint flexibility or recover from injury. 

You will strengthen your muscles and joints to help prevent injuries and pain from doing daily exercises through exercises. Not only that but doing calisthenics on a power tower will also help prevent injuries when you are lifting weights or doing any other workouts.

  1. Power Towers Offer A Full Body Workout

As previously stated, you can perform any workouts that use your body weight. With a Power Tower, you can work out anything from your calves to your biceps to your chest muscles to your abdominal muscles. You may also perform a variety of complex workouts that target many muscle groups at the same time. This enables an all-in-one training session by utilizing the Power Tower.

  1. Compact Designs Save Space And Offer Easy Storage

Most power tower types are portable and may frequently be disassembled for convenient storage. As a result, the Power Tower is a valuable asset. You may pull it out anytime you need to work out, or you can place it somewhere visually pleasing in your home. 

Because it combines several training components, the Power Tower is also suitable for a home gym. A training tower may serve as a dip station, knee raise station, and pull-up bar. This is the workout equipment for you if you have a small amount of room.

  1. Most Power Towers Are Fairly Inexpensive

A typical Power Tower costs between $100 and $300. That is not terrible when you realize that this equipment will allow you to work out your entire body in the comfort of your own home. While this price may be a reasonable sum for some, consider this: a gym membership may cost anywhere from $50 to $100 each month. So instead of paying for a three-month gym membership, you might essentially have a home gym that is forever yours.

Best Power Towers For Calisthenics

Now that you know some of the benefits of owning a personal power tower let’s get into some of our top picks.

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The FITNESS REALITY X-Class is your golden standard for power towers. For $429.00, it comes with all standard equipment, including a pull-up bar with different grips, dipping pegs, and a leg raise. The FITNESS REALITY X-Class also has two adjustable foam-covered handlebars that will allow you to perform all sorts of exercises.

This power tower also comes with a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame that can hold up to 400 pounds. Along with the heavy-duty frame, this power tower also has padded forearm, elbow, and back support for when you are doing abdominal exercises like leg raises. This manufacturer of this power tower also offers a 10, 3, and 2-year warranty that will replace any broken parts.

  1. Bowflex Body Tower
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The Bowflex Body Tower is another fantastic option for power towers and only costs $300.00. The Bowflex Body tower has the standard pull-up bars with different grips, dip station, and leg raise station. This power tower also comes equipped with grips and sling straps to increase the number of exercises you can do.

The Bowflex Body Tower is smaller than other power towers, allowing you to have more freedom when placing it in your home. Not only that, but this power tower also sports a heavy-duty steel frame for added balance that can support up to 300 pounds. The Bowflex body tower also has nonabsorbent, slip-resistant, and microbial-resistant hand grips all in one.

  1. Muti-Function VKR Power Tower
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This VKR Power Tower is bigger than most of the power towers on this list. However, this allows you to do even more exercises. For just over $200.00, this power tower has all expected features, including a pull-up bar offering different grips, leg raise station, and drip station. This power tower also comes with padding for added comfort for your back and arms while doing leg raises. 

Where this power tower differs from the others is the addition of a bench. This bench will allow you to do additional workouts like tricep dips, situps, knee raises, and incline or decline pushups. Not only that, but this bench also offers you a comfortable seat for when you are doing bicep curls or similar weight lifting exercises.

  1. HARISON Multifunction Power Tower
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Like all of the other power towers on this list, the HARISON Multifunction Power Tower comes with standard equipment. In addition, it comes with a pull-up bar that offers different grip positions, a dip station, and a very comfortable leg raise station. The leg raise station has quite a lot of padding to help keep you comfortable during your exercise routine. 

Much like the VKR power tower listed above, this tower comes with a padded bench that will allow you to do different exercises. The bench also acts as a comfortable spot to sit while lifting some weights.

  1. VKR Home Gym STB-98501
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With another entry on this list, the VKR STB-98501 is yet another excellent power tower. The STB-98501 outperforms its competition by providing the highest gold standard in home gym equipment. It not only allows for a full-body workout, but it is also dependable, durable, and comfortable to use. The STB-98501 provides support in all the right places, including a cushioned back support that keeps you comfortable throughout strenuous sessions.

Its design is sleek and straightforward, yet it enables a wide range of workouts such as pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, deficit push-ups, and many others. You may be confident that much care has gone into the design to maximize safety and comfort while in use. Its small size makes it ideal for an at-home gym. All of these features for only $305.00

  1. ZENOVA Power Tower

This power tower comes with all expected equipment, like the pull-up bar, leg raise, and dip stations, all for $269.99. The Zenova has a U-style base, which is one of the reasons it is so durable. However, one of the most significant characteristics is the horizontal and vertical pull-up bars, which allow for a far more comprehensive range of workouts than other machines. The Zenova also has an ergonomic design, which means that the machine’s rests have been developed and are tested to provide optimum comfort throughout your workout.

Final Thoughts

Power towers are a fantastic all-encompassing piece of home workout equipment that every home gym should have. They provide a wonderful place to work out a considerable portion of your body in a small compact space. We hope that this list has given you the perfect power tower. If not, hopefully, it has given you enough insight to find precisely what you are looking for.

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