Cardio Drumming Vs POUND (Which One Loses Weight?)

Cardio Drumming and POUND are becoming an increasingly popular, unique, and fun way to exercise.  Both are based on drumming, but the good news

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Cardio Drumming and POUND are becoming an increasingly popular, unique, and fun way to exercise. 

Both are based on drumming, but the good news is you don’t need to be able to play the drums or even be musical to take part. 

You might not immediately think of drumming as an exercise routine, but you may be pleasantly surprised. Both activities provide a cardio-style workout that helps to increase the heart rate, leading to a range of health benefits, including potential weight loss.

But is one better than the other when it comes to burning fat and dropping some pounds?

When comparing Cardio Drumming and POUND, we found that POUND is the better option for fat burning and weight loss because the workouts are more intense and are more likely to burn the most calories. 

However, depending on what you’re looking for in a workout, it might not be the best option for you.

To help you decide, this article will provide you with everything you need to know about Cardio Drumming and POUND — including a complete comparison to determine which is best for weight loss, strength, flexibility, and cardio.

What is Cardio Drumming?

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Cardio Drumming is a simple yet effective workout where you beat homemade drums (usually made from a bucket and a yoga ball) in time to music.

The intensity of the workout varies depending on the music played during the class, so the faster the beat, the more effective the exercise.

Cardio Drumming works by increasing the heart rate for the duration of the activity, which, if done regularly, can lead to many health benefits.

It’s not just about the arms; you’ll continuously move the legs in most workouts by incorporating steps and jumps focused around the drum. Some workouts also incorporate exercises such as squats, reaches, and lunges.

Cardio Drumming is a fun and social activity generally performed in classes, but videos are available online that you can follow at home. You can even freestyle along to the music once you get used to the kind of movements that are incorporated into a workout.

Who Can Do Cardio Drumming?

Almost anyone can do Cardio Drumming because the intensity can be increased or decreased depending on an individual’s ability. You can even just do the arm work and still get some cardio benefit.

Cardio Drumming is an excellent form of exercise for people of any age and ability, and adapted classes are also available for kids, seniors, or those with decreased mobility.

If there are any specific movements you can’t do, you might want to talk to the instructor before the class because there might be some elements of the workout that you can leave out if you find them difficult.

If you’re new to exercise and have an existing medical condition, it’s always a good idea to speak to a doctor or medical professional before getting started. 

What Equipment Do You Need for Cardio Drumming?

The beauty of Cardio Drumming is that it’s an exercise that only requires basic equipment, some of which you might already have in your home. 

Some classes will provide the necessary equipment, but it’s a good idea to check before you go.

Here’s the list of equipment you will need to make your drum:

  • A large bucket or basket
  • An exercise ball (sometimes known as a gym or yoga ball)
  • Drum sticks (or something that resembles drumsticks)

It’s important to note that once you place the ball onto the bucket, it needs to be around waist height, so you’re not stooping down and hurting your back.

What is POUND?


Like Cardio Drumming, POUND is also a drum-beat style workout, with the difference being that POUND is a brand with official classes carried out by certified instructors.

POUND say that instead of listening to music, you become the music. Their classes incorporate cardio with strength training, as well as yoga and pilates moves.

Unlike Cardio Drumming, POUND classes don’t use a physical drum; instead, they have branded drum sticks called ‘Ripstix,’ which are weighted for extra resistance. The sticks are used to drum the air or the ground during floor work.

Whereas Cardio Drumming is performed standing, POUND workouts incorporate standing exercise with floor work, which helps to work more muscle groups throughout the body.

It also incorporates body weight exercises such as push-ups, lunges, and squats that help to increase muscle strength.

What Equipment Do You Need for POUND?

The only equipment you need for POUND are the specially weighted Ripstix, which you can buy online via the POUND website. If you don’t want to go to classes, you can get DVDs so you can workout from home.

Who Can Do POUND?

Although POUND workouts are a little more intense than Cardio Drumming, it’s still suitable for beginners and all age groups, including kids. However, it’s worth noting that some of the moves may be more challenging than Cardio Drumming if you have limited mobility or are new to exercise. 

If you have an existing health condition or are unsure whether you’ll be able to perform the moves in a POUND workout, it’s a good idea to speak to an instructor before you start.

Again, if you have any medical conditions, you might also need to speak to your doctor to make sure POUND is suitable for you before you get started.

Benefits of Cardio Drumming and POUND

Cardio Drumming and POUND are aerobic-style workouts that provide similar health benefits if performed regularly, including:

  • Improved Heart Health. Increasing your heart rate with regular Cardio Drumming or POUND sessions can help your heart become stronger, which means it doesn’t have to work so hard.
  • Reduced Risk of Diabetes. Cardio-style workouts such as Cardio Drumming and POUND are proven to lower the risk of diabetes. 
  • Improved Mental Health & Well-Being. Both kinds of workouts have the feel-good factor, which, combined with exercise, can help lower stress and increase confidence.
  • Decreased Blood Pressure. The cardio element of each kind of exercise can help lower blood pressure, reducing the risk of a heart attack and heart disease.
  • Improved Joint Health. The movements used in Cardio Drumming and POUND can help to improve joint health by increasing and maintaining strength. Joints will be more lubricated and make connective tissues stronger.
  • Increased Lung Capacity. The cardio elements of each kind of workout help increase the amount of air you can take into your lungs, meaning you feel less breathless the fitter you become.
  • Fat Burning & Weight Loss. Cardio Drumming and POUND classes help burn calories, which helps burn fat. Combined with a healthy diet, you can expect to drop pounds if you perform regular workouts.
  • Improved Sleep. Regular cardio-style workouts can help increase sleep quality, which has several health benefits, including increased brain performance and improved immunity. 
  • Improved Balance and Coordination. The kinds of movements you perform in Cardio Drumming and POUND can help to improve balance and coordination over time. 
  • Social Interaction. Cardio Drumming and POUND classes can be a great way to meet like-minded people. 

Which Exercise is Best for Weight Loss?

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Cardio Drumming and POUND both help burn calories and, in turn, burn fat if performed regularly. 

If you incorporate them with a healthy diet, you should see results on the scales, but which has the more significant weight loss potential?

Of the two, POUND has the greatest potential for weight loss because the workouts are of higher intensity, have a more comprehensive range of movement, and incorporate more weight resistance. 

Of course, this also depends on how hard you work because the more you put in, the greater the potential benefits. 

There is no official data available that confirms the number of calories you can expect to burn during a Cardio Drumming or POUND workout. 

But to give you an idea, a typical HIIT workout can burn up to 800 calories per hour (based on a female weighing 150lb), and an intense dance workout burns around 480 calories.

It’s reasonable to suggest that Cardio Drumming and POUND fall into this scale, with POUND being at the higher end.

How Often Do You Need to Workout to See Benefits?

To see the most benefit from exercise, it’s recommended that adults should work out for at least 150 minutes per week (for moderate exercise) or 75 minutes per week (for vigorous exercise). 

If Cardio Drumming or POUND are your exercise choice, you would need to do at least two workouts per week. 

This isn’t always possible for certain classes because it can get expensive, or the class might only run once a week, so you might need to add in other forms of exercise to get enough throughout the week.

Best for Muscle Strength

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When choosing the best exercise for muscle strength between Cardio Drumming and POUND, the workout with the most to offer is POUND.

POUND uses weighted drumsticks and body weight to perform strength-building exercises, which work various muscle groups throughout the body, including those in the arms, legs, and core. 

Although you might not see the same results as traditional weight training because there’s less resistance, this kind of exercise can still help strengthen and tone muscles effectively.

In comparison, although Cardio Drumming can help a little with muscle strength, the possibilities are limited because the main focus is cardio rather than muscle building.

Best for Flexibility

If gaining flexibility through a workout is important for you, then between Cardio Drumming and POUND, the best choice is POUND.

The best way to increase flexibility is by performing stretches and specific movements, which help stretch the muscles and increase mobility.

Increased flexibility is excellent for improving joint strength and can also help reduce the risk of injury over time.

POUND incorporates yoga and pilates moves into workouts which are known for increasing flexibility.

In contrast, Cardio Drumming is more of an aerobic exercise that is not focused on stretching or flexibility. However, if you want to get flexible and like the idea of Cardio Drumming, you can always perform dynamic stretches post-workout or do some yoga in-between workouts. 

Best Cardio Workout

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Cardio Drumming and POUND are both heavily focused on cardio, which means they both help to increase the heart rate considerably during a workout. 

If you do either workout regularly, you will see numerous cardio-related benefits, including:

  • A healthier heart that doesn’t need to work so hard.
  • Your resting heart rate will decrease as you get fitter.
  • Your lung capacity will increase, meaning breathing isn’t so hard during exercise.
  • Blood pressure will fall to a normal level (if it was high before).

All of these benefits can help reduce the risk of heart attack and heart disease.

Identifying whether Cardio Drumming or POUND provides a more effective cardio workout is difficult without extensive testing, so we’re declaring them joint winners in this category.

It’s worth noting that the harder you work and the more intense a training session is, the more benefit you will get, so if you don’t feel that a workout is challenging enough, you might need to step up the pace a little.

Final Results & Summary

So, we’ve now completed a full comparison between Cardio Drumming and POUND, and the workout which is best for weight loss, muscle strength, and flexibility is — POUND.

  • Best for Weight Loss: POUND
  • Best for Muscle Strength: POUND
  • Best for Flexibility: POUND
  • Best Cardio Workout: Joint Winners

Although Cardio Drumming is a great way to stay fit, POUND has some added benefits that makes it that little bit better.

POUND is an excellent all-round workout because it combines high-intensity cardio and strength work with yoga and pilates stretches. So if you don’t have much time to exercise, you can get pretty much everything you need in one place with POUND.

On the other hand, Cardio Drumming is good for beginners and those who might struggle with the intensity of POUND. It’s also an entertaining activity for kids and one you can do for minimal cost — you can even use a tabletop and two wooden spoons if you don’t have the necessary equipment. 

If you choose between Cardio Drumming or POUND, you’re sure to have fun, whichever option you choose. Both are great for your health and well-being and can help you meet new people who can help you on your journey to become healthier.

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