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Working out at the gym means you have every piece of equipment at your disposal, making a chest workout just about as easy as

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Working out at the gym means you have every piece of equipment at your disposal, making a chest workout just about as easy as it can get. However, if you are not able to get to the gym or you’d rather work out from home, what are some chest exercises you can do from there?

Chest workouts that can be done at home include the basic push up, jumping push ups, bent knee push ups, walking planks, decline push ups, incline push ups, diamond push ups, wide push up, one-arm push up, cross-over elevated push up, shuffle push up, and a one-leg push up. 

Many people may be inclined to believe that an effective chest workout has to include quite a bit of weight before they are able to see results. Although weight can certainly benefit a chest workout, it is not necessary, which is why this muscle group can be worked out just as well from home. Continue reading to find out the benefits of chest workouts as well as some of the best chest workouts to do from the comfort of your own home.

What are the Benefits of Chest Workouts?

For many people, the main focuses of their workouts include the toning and shaping of their arms, legs, and abs. These are great areas to focus on, but when it comes to developing your chest, beyond simply improving your physical appearance, there are a few other benefits that come along with this muscle group.

Posture Can Improve

Good posture is something that not only enhances your overall appearance, but it is a key component to helping aid in the overall function of your body. Poor posture can result in poor mobility and by increasing the strength of your pectoral muscles, you are better able to maintain a proper form. Beyond your posture improving your overall mobility, it also is an essential component in maintaining the proper form when exercising, which is essential.

Upper Body Strength is Enhanced

When many people think of upper body strength, they typically immediately turn to how essential strong arms are. Although this may be true, the upper body is not simply composed of your arm muscles, but also consists of your back, neck, and yes, pectoral muscles. When you improve the strength of your chest, you are not simply isolating that one muscle group, but are adding to the whole of your upper body strength.

Various Actions are Improved

By strengthening your pectoral muscles, your posture and upper body strength are not only improved, but your ability to perform certain actions is also enhanced. Through the building up of muscles within your chest, you are better able to push heavy objects, lift the same heavy object, and stabilize yourself during these moments. Even with motions like swinging and pushing yourself up off the ground are improved through the strengthening of your chest.

Best At Home Chest Workouts

Now that you know why a chest workout is so beneficial, let’s take a look at some of the best chest workouts that can be done at home. The beauty of these workouts is that there is no need to rush to a gym, no need to wait in line for a piece of equipment, and you will still be able to see an incredible amount of improvement as long as you stay consistent with your workout and push your body.

Basic Push Up

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A classic push up has been around for as long as anyone can remember, but there’s a reason it has remained at the top of most body-weight workout lists: it is effective. To complete a push up, place your hands at shoulder-width apart on the ground with your body and feet in a straight line. You will then bend at the elbows so that your chest is about a fist width away from the floor and push your body up until arms are fully extended, then back down.

Jumping Push Up

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If you want to increase the difficulty of your push up, the jumping push up might be just for you. To complete a jumping push up, start in a traditional push up position and then lower yourself down to the ground. As you push yourself upwards, do it in a way that springs your body up with force as you keep your back flat and core engaged. This will send you up into the air and as you come back down, lower again and repeat.

Bent-Knee Push Up

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If you want a push up, but a traditional push up isn’t possible for you (and a jumping push up neither), a bent-knee is a great alternative that can be greatly effective. Instead of being on your toes, you will be on your knees as you place your hands shoulder-width apart. Then, bring your calves up and cross them over one another as you lower your body near to the ground by bending your arms at the elbow.

Walking Plank

© Kelly Brown GetFitWithKB

Briefly getting away from push ups, try a walking plank to switch your chest exercises. To complete a walking plank, get in a plank position. You will then tighten your ab and then push up from the ground with one arm as you hold your plank form with the other. Take the arm that you have pulled from the ground and reach it under to you as you pull it to your opposing side and touch the opposite hip. Repeat with your other arm and then one rep is completed.

Decline Push Up

To complete a decline push up, you want to be sure that your feet are elevated higher than your hands on either a step or some type of low box. You will then place your hands shoulder-width apart and keep your arms extended. Then, lower your body down onto the ground, leaving about a fist amount of space between your chest and the floor. Push yourself back up and then continue for repeated repetitions.

Incline Push Up

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Opposite of the decline push up is the incline push up. For this, you will need your arms to be elevated higher than your hips, which can either be done on a couch, a table, or a stable chair. You will then start with your hands shoulder-width apart as you keep your back and legs straight while staying on your toes. Then, lower down as you bend your arms at the elbows until your chest touches the object you are using.

Diamond Push Up

Adding a little more to the push up is the diamond push up. This is an advanced workout that will get your chest screaming (in a good way). To complete a diamond push up, place your torso and legs in a regular push up position, but bring your hands together directly beneath your chest so that your pointer fingers and thumbs are touching. You will then lower yourself down while bending at the elbows.

Wide Push Up

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The wide push up is a great way to push your body while working out those small workouts in your chest. To complete a wide push up, get into a regular push up position, but then extend your arms outward to the side in a way that is wider than your chest. The wider you can go, the better the workout will be. Just be sure that you are able to comfortably go down into a push up without having to lose control of your core.

One-Arm Push Up

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For a one-arm push up, you are able to isolate one pectoral muscle at a time which is great for endurance and of course, muscle building. To complete a one-arm push up, have a box that is at least 5 inches from the ground. You will place one arm on the box and one arm on the floor in a regular push up position. Simply lower your body down and repeat your reps with the arm placed on the box before switching to the other arm/

Cross-Over Elevated Push Up

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For the cross-over elevated push up, you will be using the same box that you used for the one-arm push up. Complete a one-arm push up with your right hand on the box. Then, from the starting position, lift your left hand to where it is beside your right. Move your right hand down to the floor and then then do a push up to complete one rep.

Shuffle Push Up

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To complete a shuffle push up, start in a standard push up position, but rather than having both hands level, push one hand out in front of you and one behind you, in a scissored manner. You will then go down into a push up and repeat this position for 10-12 reps. Once the rep set has been completed, change the position of your hands so that the one in the back is now in the front and complete the same steps for another set.

One-Leg Push Up


If you really want to push yourself to the limit, try completing a one-leg push up. To do this exercise, start in the traditional push up position, but before you lower your body down onto the floor, lift one left up. You will keep this leg lifted and off of the ground as you continue with your rep set. Once you have finished the entire set, switch to raise the opposite leg and continue the same action until you have completed another set.

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