Best Grip Tape For Pull-Up Bars

If you are new to pull-ups, you might be having some issues with keeping your hands on the pull-up bar. Pull-up bars are naturally

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If you are new to pull-ups, you might be having some issues with keeping your hands on the pull-up bar. Pull-up bars are naturally smooth and can be hard to grip sometimes. However, there are a few different things that you can do to the pull-up bar to make it easier to grip. The most common way is by using grip tape. With that said, what are the best grip tapes to use for pull-up bars?

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When it comes to making pull-up bars easier to hold on to, you have quite a few options. Of course, the grip tape is the most popular solution. However, you can also get bar grips. Below are some of the grip options that we are going to cover in this article. 

  • Meister StickElite Professional Porous Athletic Tape
  • Gamma Supreme Overgrip
  • Core Prodigy Fusion Grip Tape
  • Fat Gripz Pro
  • Gym Weight Bar Grips

While the list above is all acceptable when looking to add grip to your pull-up bar, alternatives are often cheaper. Below are a few grip alternatives for your pull-up bar.

  • Chalk Powder
  • Pull-Up Bar Wax
  • Workout Gloves

As you continue to read this article, we will cover the advantages and disadvantages of using grip tape on your pull-up bar. Furthermore, we will talk about each item in both lists above, which will help you keep a good grip on your pull-up bar.

What Are The Best Grip Tapes For Pull-up Bars?

Grip tape is used to help you keep a better grip on a bar. Whether you are taping a pull-up bar or even a weight lifting bar, grip tape can help you either way. Below we will talk about our top grip tape picks for when you want to do pull-ups.

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This grip tape by Meister is straightforward to use. This grip tape has a tearable design that will allow you to rip off the perfect amount of tape without using scissors. Furthermore, it has a porous design to maximize grip and airflow. Not only is this tape suitable for pull-up bars, but it can also be used as finger or ankle tape to give you extra support.

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While this tape is primarily used to add additional grip to tennis rackets, you can also use this tape to do the same for pull-up bars. This grip tape offers an obscene amount of grip while also being cushiony to the touch. Using this tape on a pull-up bar will give you a reliable and extremely comfortable grip. Not only that but this tape is made to go the distance and will last a very long time on your pull-up bar.

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This grip tape made by Core Prodigy set the golden standard for all grip tapes. This grip tape can be used to add a better grip to just about anything you want, from pull-up bars and barbells to dumbbells and even tool handles. In addition, this silicon grip tape will give you a very reliable grip while doing pull-ups. Not only that, but this grip tape also leaves no residue behind, making this one of the best grip tapes to use.

Grip Tape Alternatives For Pull-Ups

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The following two grip options on this list are not grip tape but are weight grips meant for lifting weights. However, they provide the same if not better grip while being very comfortable and are a fantastic option for pull-ups. Furthermore, these grips also can install and uninstall at a moment’s notice.

These weight lifting grips were not made for pull-ups but instead are for lifting barbells. However, that does not mean that you can’t use them for pull-ups. They make a fantastic grip alternative to grip tape. Not only that, but these grips provide a ton of cushioning, making your calisthenics routine that much comfier.

The Gym Weight Bar Grips are equivalent to the Fat Gripz but are somewhat less expensive in terms of features and efficacy. In addition, they are available in a variety of colors to match your personality. These grips are made of sturdy food-grade silicone and are laser-engraved to improve the grip between your hand and the device itself. They are meant to survive the most rigorous training session without sliding.

  • Chalk

Chalk is a fantastic grip enhancer, and you can use it anywhere. Chalk is easily the most common object to use when doing any calisthenics. Not only that, but it is the only grip enhancer that is allowed in the Olympics. From gymnastics to weightlifting, you will see the use of chalk helping competitors keep a solid grip on their bars. With that said, chalk is non-toxic, and clean-up is a breeze.

  • Workout Gloves

Certain workout gloves, like the ones powerlifters use, have tons of grip on their palms. The best part about workout gloves is that you will get the grip you want without ever having to clean the bar of chalk or adhesive. What’s even better is that you only need one pair of gloves. Workout gloves can last for a very long time before needing to be replaced, possibly making them the cheapest option.

  • Pull-Up Bar Wax

Pull-up bar wax is a relatively new product, but it shows great promise. This wax can be applied and cleaned very easily while also providing a surprising amount of grip. Not only that, but pull-up bar wax has antibacterial properties, so you won’t have to clean your pull-up bar as often. A perfect example of pull-up bar wax is WODWAX.

Should You Use Grip Tape On Your Pull-up Bar?

Grip tape can be an excellent addition to any beginner workout routine. Grip tape offers a remedy to the smooth and slippery pull-up bar allowing you to get a good grip on the bar as you do your calisthenics. However, if you need grip tape, you will only need it for your first couple of workout routines. 

Even though grip tape helps you hold onto the bar easier, it also works against you. The smoothness of the bar helps build tremendous grip strength. So while you are losing out on some additional reps that you would get with grip tape, you are also slowing your grip strength progression. 

Not only that, but grip tape can hold bacteria much easier than the bar could. Grip tape also requires you to do a more thorough clean-up after your workout. However, if you are looking for grip tape for your pull-up bar, then by all means. But the easier bacteria build-up could still lead to problems later on.

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What To Look For When Purchasing Grip Tape

The main goal of grip tape is to provide comfort and grip when lifting weights or doing calisthenics. With that said, those should be the two main features you should be looking for. Some alternative features you could also look for are antibacterial to prevent bacteria build-up from your hands and sweat. Getting grip tape that does not leave any adhesive when pulled off is another good feature as it helps immensely with clean up.

If you are looking at purchasing pull-up wraps or weight lifting grips, you should look for the size of bar that they can fit. Other than that, you can look for styles and colors that suit you best.

How To Use Grip Tape On Pull-Up Bars

Grip tape is straightforward to use. All you have to do is peel off the plastic protecting the adhesive and wrap the tape around the pull-up bar. There should be no reason to wrap the entire pull-up bar. Instead, focus on the key areas where you will grip the bar. For example, put some grip tape for a wide grip to pull-ups and a narrow grip for chin-ups.

How To Use Weight Lifting Grips On A Pull-Up Bar

If you are looking to use weight grips on a pull-up bar, then there are two things you need to look for. First, make sure that the weight grip can be pushed on and wrap around the entire pull-up bar. Other than that, you are good to go. If you want to change grips, you can slide the weight grips on the bar instead of taking them off. 

How To Use Wax On A Pull-Up Bar

Suppose you decided to get some WODWAX for your calisthenics routine. In that case, applying the wax to your pull-up bar is extremely easy. But, first, you will want to rub the wax directly onto the pull-up bar in the two areas where you will grip it. 

These two sections should be 4 to 5 inches in length. Next, apply a generous amount of wax on top of the bar and where your fingers will rest, as this will give you the most amount of grip. When applying WODWAX to your pull-up bar, you will need to keep applying wax until it starts to form bumps. 

Final Thoughts

When you are a beginner at calisthenics, nothing can be more annoying than slipping from the pull-up bar during your workout. However, as you continue training, your grip will get stronger, preventing you from slipping.

That said, grip tape and the other alternatives we have listed above are all perfect for beginners. However, while grip tape will keep you on the bar for more extended periods, it will also slow the progression of your grip strength. Consider using chalk instead of grip tape. It offers a better grip on the bar without sacrificing your grip strength training.

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