Best Tasting Pre-workout: Let’s Find Out

If you are working out, you last need a pre-workout that does not taste very well. However, you still want the benefits that a

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If you are working out, you last need a pre-workout that does not taste very well. However, you still want the benefits that a pre-workout contains. One of the biggest things to ensure you do not invest in is something without any artificial colors. So, what are the best-tasting pre-workouts? Let’s find out. 

We have done massive research and found six pre-workouts that work best for you. Here is a quick list of them below:


  • RAW preworkout powder (green crush)
  • Genius pre workout powder (sour apple) 
  • RAW Nutrition (peach mango)
  • SFH Push pre-workout powder (lemonade) 
  • Bucked Up pre workout (strawberry kiwi)
  • Jocko Fuel Ultimate pre workout powder (raspberry)


In this article, we will discuss the benefits of having a pre-workout and review each of the powders below. Afterward, we will discuss frequently asked questions that people may be concerned or curious about. We encourage you to continue reading for more if you are interested in these topics. 


What Are the Benefits of a Pre-workout?


There are many benefits to taking a pre-workout before your exercise session. It helps improve your energy, endurance, muscles, and focus. However, let us go into it a little more in-depth below. 


1. Provides Energy


Some pre-workouts are stimulant-free, but many powders and drinks contain stimulation supplements. Caffeine is a major stimulant in many pre-workouts, helping you feel energized and not sleepy. Having these stimulants in your drink allows you to train more intensely than if you did not have a pre-workout beforehand. 


2. Maximizes the Recovery Process


Everyone hates sore muscles. Suppose you have not worked out in a long time and feel sore after working out for a few days up to a week. In that case, a pre-workout minimizes those aches and pains and will help you recover much faster. Doing so also maximizes your workout performance, meaning your endurance performs better. 


3. Helps with Focus


Many common ingredients in pre-workouts are beta-alanine and L-theanine, which help support thinking and focusing better. Also, if you are feeling sluggish on a particular day, these ingredients will help you be more energetic and remember specific things throughout the day. 


4. Improves Body Circulation


If you want to support your immune system and burn body fat, consider getting a pre-workout. More blood circulation means less acid buildup, making you more confident. Also, pre-workouts dilate blood vessels and enhance cardiovascular functions so your muscles can recover and grow. 


What Is the Best Tasting Pre-workout?


After reviewing the benefits, let us continue with the best preworkouts. 

pre workout

1. RAW Preworkout Powder, Thavage (Green Crush)


The first RAW pre-workout we will review today has a flavor called Green Crush, which is non-GMO and made from high-quality and natural ingredients. 

Their Green Crush flavor tastes like cucumber lime, which is guaranteed to taste well! As advertised, it will “ignite your system from within.” 

This pre-workout powder is made with high-quality, natural ingredients. The main components are beta-alanine, L-citrulline, and caffeine. 

Because of what is inside the powder, you will have a burst of focus and energy to help you exercise when things start looking rough. Lastly, this 40-serving supplement helps increase blood flow and muscle strength. 

pre workout

2. Genius Pre Workout Powder, Sour Apple


Next on our list is the Genius pre-workout powder, which comes in a sour apple flavor! This pre-workout powder contains 20 scoops per container and is free of artificial colors, dyes, or flavors. 

This vegan pre-workout powder is stimulant-free, meaning it contains no caffeine but uses other alternatives that help support your endurance and reduce muscle soreness. 

Also, you will not feel any crash or jitters through this formula, making it an excellent choice for those who get this way with caffeine. The scientifically backed ingredients double as a productivity booster, making you perform better physically and mentally. 

pre workout

3. RAW Nutrition, Peach Mango


Yet another RAW Nutrition brand, this specific pre-workout flavor, is peach mango. If you like the taste of these two fantastic fruits, this one is for you! This container provides 30 servings total, so you will get your money’s worth! 

This pre-workout has no fillers, GMOs, or artificial ingredients, so you will not have any “surprises” when taking this supplement. Their natural caffeine comes from green coffee bean extracts. 

Not only that but a few other benefits are included in this peach mango RAW Nutrition. They are as follows:


  • Provides razor-sharp focus.
  • You benefit from having long-lasting energy, which helps you fight fatigue. 
  • Maximizes blood flow, helping you deliver more pumps. 


Whether you are a beginner to working out or a pro who knows what you are doing, this pre-workout is best for you! This is because the ingredients in the supplement work the same way. 

pre workout

4. SFH Push Pre-Workout Powder (Lemonade)


The SFH Push pre-workout is one of the better alternatives because it does not contain soy, added sugars, artificial flavors, GMOs, or gluten. This particular 30-serving powder has a lemonade flavor, making it extremely tasty! 

If you need some extra stimulation while exercising, look no further. The SFH Push stimulates many athletes by providing hydration, antioxidant protection, endurance, energy, and BCAA for protein synthesis. 

This particular supplement also helps to ease lactic acid from your muscles, helping you to recover from the burn during your workout sessions. Because of this, your body will inevitably do more reps due to the extra energy you have.

pre workout

5. Bucked Up Pre Workout, Strawberry Kiwi


Suppose you are on the keto diet and need a supplement during your exercise sessions. In that case, the Buckled Up pre-workout will do you wonders! With its strawberry kiwi flavor, you will love it before getting down to the nitty-gritty. This supplement contains 30 servings per container. 

Not only does the pre-workout taste good and is keto-diet friendly, but it does not contain sugar or stevia and is made with natural and artificial flavors. The label is fully transparent with what they put in there, making it a trustworthy product. 

Lastly, the formula provides focus, energy, strength, and pump. It also increases athletic performance, helping you get the best out of your exercises! 

pre workout

6. Jocko Fuel Ultimate Pre Workout Powder, Raspberry


The last pre-workout on our list is the Jocko Fuel Ultimate. The 30-serving container comes in four flavors, but we will discuss the raspberry, as it is delicious to drink beforehand. 

Jocko contains 6 grams of L-citrulline, which helps increase blood flow, and nitric acid, which helps provide a good pump during intense workout sessions. 

The Jocko Fuel provides you with just that and more, such as muscle endurance, mental energy, physical energy, and focus while feeling motivated. Whether you are lifting weights hard or conquering your favorite fitness challenge, it helps you workout like never before! 


What Happens if You Don’t Take a Pre-workout Meal?


If you do not eat a pre-workout before exercising, you might work harder than if you had one before your exercise session. What we mean by this is your body will burn energy quicker, and you will essentially be working harder to lose weight or gain muscle than if you had a pre-workout drink beforehand. 

Also, if you start exercising with an empty stomach, you will be less likely to burn more fat. So, in this case, it would be wise to drink one roughly 20 minutes before you start working out for the best benefits possible.


Is It Okay to Work Out Without Preworkout?


Yes, it is entirely okay to exercise without a pre-workout. People’s bodies respond differently to things, so you can choose many different options before exercising. However, it is essential to note that exercising while fasting is not good in the long run but can be done in the short term. 

Eating something that fuels your body is vital for a mostly or all-whole-food diet. Here are some viable options you can choose to do instead of a pre-workout:


  • Berries with cottage cheese.
  • Peanut or almond butter with pear or apple slices.
  • Smooties with energy-boosting ingredients (dark leafy greens, protein powder, nut butter, bananas, berries, etc.)
  • Whole grain crackers with hummus.
  • Whole grain toast with a fried or hard-boiled egg.


Will You Lose Muscle if You Don’t Eat Before a Workout?


Yes, you will eventually lose muscle if you do not eat before a workout. More specifically, it can hinder your weight loss in the long term, so keep that in mind before attempting to fast before working out. As mentioned above, it could be good in the short term, but the longer you go at it, the fewer benefits fasting before working out includes. 


Final Thoughts 


To summarize everything, many great-tasting pre-workouts are out there, but the best ones are mentioned above. We hope this article was helpful to you. Feel free to share this with people, and check out our other articles for more information! 

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