Can You Lose Belly Fat on a Rowing Machine

Are you on the verge of getting rid of your pot belly? Apart from the regular tummy exercises, you are looking for a machine

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Are you on the verge of getting rid of your pot belly? Apart from the regular tummy exercises, you are looking for a machine to incorporate training balance and improving your flexibility. You probably have heard of a rowing machine (or even using one now).

However, you aren’t sure if it will give you what you need. Will it work on the abs effectively? Should you have another device on the side in case the rowing machine fails? When will the results start showing?  These are a few of the questions that are running across your mind.

And you are not the first one. Many trainees wade through such questions unsuccessfully. So we’ve decided to bring the dilemma to a halt.  Do you want to get an astute answer? Continue reading.

The Verdict……But

YES, a rowing machine does a good job when your primary goal of exercising is trimming the excess belly fat. Don’t get hyped yet. There is an exception.

For you to reach to the six-pack town, it will depend on the duration you take on the rowing machine, the intensity and the frequency of your workouts. Since many don’t meet the three cut-off points, their dream of having a six-pack remains a day-dream.

As we delve in, it’s vital to have an explicit look at your arch-nemesis, the excess fat.

The Types of Belly Fat

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The belly is made up of two types of fat. The first one is called subcutaneous fat, AKA “the can-see fat.” It’s what that you can pinch or play around with while in the bathroom. And it’s not only found in the stomach. It is also located in the thick parts of the body like thigh, underarms and even the feet.

The second type of belly fat is known as visceral fat. It’s found deep in the torso or in the internal organs. The fat wraps itself around vital internal body organs like the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Both of these have a part to play in your body. For instance, subcutaneous fat keeps your body warm during chilly weather. However, excess of the fats is dangerous, especially visceral fat that can’t be melted by intensive workouts alone.

You need to go a step further and look for a prescribed diet plan, the likes of South Beach Diet to dive inside your body and do the necessary. Plus, excess subcutaneous fat is a recipe for obesity and other diseases related to overweight.

How to Row the Right way

Now that you’ve known your arch-nemesis, you need to know the right way of rowing to get a direct hit. While a huge number of rowers don’t get their desired shape because of rowing incorrectly, you shouldn’t be on that lot.

To help you all the way, here is a breakdown of the right procedure for rowing.

  • Your Back should be as Straight as Possible throughout the Session

Dealing with rounded backs is the number one challenge of a novice rower. It shouldn’t be an issue, in any case.

Before you begin the exercise, focus on getting your sitting position straight. The position does not give you the room to hunch over while pulling. Plus, your cores should be engaged.  At the same time, have a keen eye on your shoulder not to shrug forward.

  • Go Slow on the Rows

It’s not like you will lose one pound after the session (But, you will lose approximately 800 calories after one hour of rowing). Take your time and make complete rows. You will notice that you are in a hurry when your body is jerking uncontrollably. Plus, you will be slamming into the front of the machine.

The recommended ratio of one dive to recovery time, according to fitness experts, is 1:2. By this, you give your stomach ample time to control your come-back and keep your overall body in position.

  • Your Shoulders should be at Natural Angle

The shoulder should be as relaxed as possible. Your elbow sometimes may be lifted in an attempt to get enough strength to pull the row. It doesn’t work, and you won’t get the total energy to translate the powers to your tummy.

  • Never Forget the Power Stroke

Power strokes do explode not only your back but also the tummy.  They should be done straight after finishing the warm-ups. Watch this video to be acquainted with how power strokes work.

It would be best if you did them at equal intervals throughout the session.  For a set of 24 regular strokes, incorporate at 10 ten power strokes. This should be done in a span of one minute.

  • Your Core and Butt should be in Oneness

Neither your butt nor your core should shoot separately. Both should be in one accord and engaged per stroke.  In a nutshell, it means that the handle should travel with the hand together. You can achieve this if the angle of your leg is steady.

The Right Intensity for an Effective Rowing

A recent study published in Sports Medicine came with a shocking conclusion. High-intensity training has a high chance of getting rid of the tummy fat more than lower intensities. The latter can only record a small change.

Though it’s inadvisable to start with high-intensity rowing, the results are still splendid. According to this research, if you are a new trainee and have gone directly into the high-intensity rowing, you are likely to suffer from muscle damage, a significant strength reduction, and power development.

Bottom Line

Although it’s possible to trim your tummy by using a rowing machine alone, it won’t be a walk in the park. Furthermore, it’s not an overnight thing.

Sometimes you’ll notice that you have lost fats from your face or arms and not your tummy as you expected. Some trainees throw in the towel when they notice their hard work “yielding nothing.” You shouldn’t be like them.

What will separate the wheat from the chaff is perseverance. Fats around the waist, thighs, and stomach take a while before they disappear. The good news is that the more you row (the right way), the more likely are your chances of getting those six-pack abs.

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