Do Calisthenics Burn Fat?

There are so many benefits to exercising, but some one of the most sought-out benefits is its ability aid in burning fat. When it

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There are so many benefits to exercising, but some one of the most sought-out benefits is its ability aid in burning fat. When it comes to calisthenics, it is great with muscle building, flexibility, and improving overall health, but does it burn fat?

Calisthenics is great for burning fat due to the nature of the workout. Calisthenics use the body as its equipment, which can require multiple muscle groups to implement. Through the implementation of slow resistance exercises, your heart rate is accelerated which can lead to fat burning. 

Calisthenics, if practiced correctly, are an exercise method that can lead to burning fat through the leveraging of body weight and gravity to help challenge your overall fitness level without the use of equipment. This method of exercising is very accessible and can be ultra-effective when it comes to burning fat. Continue reading to find out what makes calisthenics different, how it burns fat and the other advantages that come along with this type of exercise.

What Makes Calisthenics Different From Other Workouts?

The word is a bit foreign, but the practice of calisthenics certainly is not. This workout method is one that was used long before gyms were packed full of hundreds of different machines that promise you the body and level of fitness you so desire. Calisthenics are based around the promotion of health, and this is one of the biggest draws to this workout method – the goal is health and everything else is complimentary.

This is not to say that burning fat, losing weight, gaining strength, cutting muscle groups, and gaining better balance and flexibility is not important, but with the right foundation of having an overall goal of bodily health, the other benefits begin to fall in naturally once you begin using calisthenics regularly. However, beyond the goal of health, this method of exercise has transformed into something that has become quite the craze, and for good reason.

First and foremost, calisthenics is different from other exercise methods because it requires no equipment to implement. This is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity, as many individuals find it extremely accessible and versatile no matter where they are, what time of day it is, or how much time they have to complete their workout. Through this accessibility, many are able to commit to calisthenics in a way they could not commit to other methods.

This being said, calisthenics is a progressive bodyweight training method that uses your body as an integrated unit rather than training one isolated muscle group at a time. This means that you must not only use your body, but use your mind to focus on the task at hand in order to complete the movements in a controlled manner. This then leads to better mobility, flexibility, strength, and fat burning.

How Do Calisthenics Burn Fat?

Calisthenics, through the use of your own body weight, is ultra-capable at helping you to burn fat. However, and as any other workout type goes, one must use calisthenics consistently, with the correct form, and in a way that pushes them to increase their heart rate in a way that can open the door to burning fat. How would fat burning be possible then if you only have your body to levy weight rather than large weight sets that you can find at the gym?

Calisthenics may not use heavy weights to get your cardio ramped up quickly, but they do typically incorporate HIIT exercises that are fantastic aids at getting your blood flowing and your heart rate soaring. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training and this type of calisthenic exercise uses the use of short, high-intensity workouts combined with moments of rest in between to help build muscle, increase cardiovascular health, and aid in burning fat.

Calisthenics is able to target multiple muscle groups on their own, but especially through the use of different HIIT exercises which are the key to burning fat. When you implement these high-intensity workouts that utilize your whole body rather than one muscle group, the exertion gets your metabolism up and running through the increase in heart rate and your body’s repair cycle is put into hyperdrive.

This means that even when your workout is complete, your body is still burning calories and fat within the 24 hours after your workout has completed. This is also something that separates calisthenics from other exercise methods as its effects are made apparent long after you have put in the physical work. This is a huge plus to your overall health, but even more so in your efforts to burn fat.

What Are the Other Benefits to Calisthenics?

Beyond the ability of calisthenics to burn fat, there are a slew of different benefits that help to make this method of exercise one that gives individuals results, helps them to maintain, and also aids them in making the changes they so desire to their internal and physical health. You know that burning fat is one benefit of practicing calisthenics, but what are the other advantages to this style of workout that keeps people coming back?

No Equipment is Required for Calisthenics

If you are wanting to work out from home, are on a trip away from your local gym, or simply don’t have the space for big equipment within your space, you may be looking for an exercise alternative that does not require the use of equipment, but is this even possible? One of the biggest advantages to calisthenics is the fact that they do not require the use of any equipment, yet it is still able to build muscle, burn fat, and improve flexibility.

If you have to rely on weight-training machines for your workout, you can run into a problem when you find yourself without a gym when traveling or when you are away from your own home gym. Even more, it is next to impossible to pack anything lighter than a few dumbbells when you are away, making weight-training something that is more complicated than it should be. By using calisthenics, you always have exactly what you need with you – your body.

With the focus being on levying your own weight to help aid in strength and burning fat, there is no need for you to have to worry about being able to get your work out in, no matter where you are. This makes calisthenics extremely flexible as it can be implemented without the need for equipment, but can also be done no matter where you are making it one of the most versatile workout methods out there.

Mental Health is Improved With Calisthenics

It is no secret that exercising helps to improve your mental health. By exercising, different feel-good chemicals are released into your body like endorphins and serotonin. These are fantastic aids in improving your mental state naturally and are necessary to our everyday overall well-being. Calisthenics is able to do this for your mental health through exercises that require physical exertion, but they can do even more.

Through the implementation of calisthenics, you of course have your release of endorphins and serotonin which help to reduce anxiety, can ease depression, and can almost instantly improve your mood. These are incredible benefits, but even more than this, calisthenics require the use of your mind in order to be completed properly. What does this mean? No droning on through mundane gym repetitions.

You are no longer able to shut off and work through the same machine-powered rep 30 more times. Your entire body is used with calisthenics and because of that, it requires concentration which requires the focus of your mind. Your body does the physical work, but your mind also must be activated in order to focus on position, posture, and balance which helps to keep your body sharp, but your mind as well.

Calisthenics Are Fun

Oftentimes, one of the biggest reasons that individuals stop working out is because they have hit a wall with their exercises. They might be new to the exercise world and are not familiar with the various workout methods that exist or they simply do not know which resources to use to find them, or they have a workout routine that has become dull and uninspiring. All of this leads to a type of boredom that simply cannot coexist with motivation.

One of the biggest and most overlooked advantages to calisthenics is how fun they are. Of course, exercising is a serious thing as it is a major contributor to maintaining your physical and mental health, however, that does not mean that it cannot be fun. Calisthenics affords individuals the ability to get creative with their workouts. Really, this style of exercise encourages and praises creativity!

Through calisthenics, you are able to find ways that your body can move that will not only benefit you physically, but will also keep you engaged mentally. This type of exercise can be done alone with your own creative genius, but it can also be used with someone else to learn and grow from. You can choose how you workout, where you workout, and who you workout with leaving the possibility for boredom behind.

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