Massage Stick Vs Foam Roller

We have all been there, it may be due to strenuous exercise in the gym, or perhaps youwork all day and sit in the

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We have all been there, it may be due to strenuous exercise in the gym, or perhaps you
work all day and sit in the same position. This can cause your muscles to become stiff and
sometimes even sore. That is why massage sticks and foam rollers exist, but which of these
is better?

A massage stick is not better than a foam roller and vice versa. They both have their
strong points and their weak points but at the end of the day, they both aim to do the
same thing in different ways. The massage stick is good for targeting your biceps
while the foam roller is good at targeting your back.

In this article, we are going to talk about what exactly both of these are and we will talk about
the benefits of both. Then, we will discuss which is safer to use, and finally, I will give my
verdict and tell you which product is best for which situation. So, for everything you need to
know, I suggest that you keep reading.

Message Stick Vs Foam Roller: A Comparison

Let’s make a comparison between the massage stick and the foam roller.

What Is A Massage Stick?

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A massage stick has two handles and between those, it has what you can think of as
roller. This roller will have different textures but the main one is bumpy. A massage stick is
specifically designed to massage certain muscle groups and it is quite effective at
doing this.

A massage stick is designed so that you can use it on yourself and you don’t need any help.
However, there will be some parts of your body that might be difficult for you to reach in
comfortable positions.

To use a massage stick, all you have to do is roll the stick over certain muscle groups, the
amount of pressure that you apply will be dependent on your pain threshold.
The handles of the massage stick can be used for very specific muscle targeting generally
around your arms, shoulders, and chest.

What Is A Foam Roller?


A foam roller is made out of different materials. Some of the best foam rollers are made out
of EVA foam. This makes the foam roller dense and when you lean or lie on the foam roller,
it applies pressure to certain muscles. This pressure can provide almost immediate relief if
your muscles are still sore.

You also get different types of foam rollers. You get ones that are smooth and better for
beginners and then you get ones that are bumpy and firm. These are designed to apply the
maximum amount of pressure for the maximum release.

Using a foam roller can sometimes be painful but that is generally because once you apply
the pressure with the foam roller, your muscle will first tense up then give a little bit of a
spasm before starting to release its pressure.

What Are The Benefits Of Both?

● Increase blood flow to the muscle: When your muscles tense up or are in a
recovery state they can become stiff. This can restrict blood flow to the muscles and
this can impact the muscle in a variety of ways. The massage stick and foam roller
can help the muscles loosen up.

● Reduce stiffness: It is not only exercise that can cause your muscles to become
stiff. It could happen after a minor sprain, after exercising, and it could also happen
after doing nothing for extended periods of time. If you sleep for too long or if you sit
in the same position for too long, your muscles can stiffen up.

● Reduce soreness: There are a variety of reasons why your muscles will be sore.
One of the most common reasons is when you do an exercise that you have never
done before or if you strain a muscle hard enough. When working out such especially
when lifting weights, you are actually tearing your muscle. When it rebuilds itself, this
can be quite a painful process and it also makes your muscles stiff. A massage stick
or foam roller can help with that.

● Speed up muscle recovery: So, with all of that being said, one of the biggest
benefits of a foam roller or a massage stick is that it helps with muscle recovery.
Speeding up the recovery of your muscles means you can train the same muscle
group faster. It also means that your muscles won’t be stiff or sore for very long.

Massage Stick Vs Foam Roller: Which Is Safer

If you are worried about any pre-existing conditions then I will always advise that you speak
to a doctor before doing almost anything. With that being said, let’s take a look at which is
safer between a massage stick and a foam roller.

With the massage stick, you can better control the amount of pressure you apply to a
certain muscle whereas, with the foam roller, you have less control. It is for this
reason that I say the massage stick is safer to use than a foam roller.

The Verdict: Use Them Together

Both of these products offer the same benefits. The difference is that they have different
ways of achieving the same results. With that being said, in some cases, it is better to use a
massage stick and in others, it is better to use a foam roller. So, I would say that if you can
have both that would be the best-case scenario.

When To Use A Massage Stick

The massage stick is better at targeting areas like your biceps, shoulders, and the front of
your thighs. For some people, it is also best to be used on their chest.
You also need to consider that a massage stick is a lot more portable than a foam roller. So,
when you are traveling or if you are in a situation where you can’t take your foam roller with
you, the massage stick is your next best option.

When To Use A Foam Roller

A foam roller is the best thing to use on your back muscles. They offer an unrivaled release
on your back.

Stiff or sore muscles in your back is a very common thing especially for people who go to the
gym or people who just sit at work all day. Your back takes a lot of strain while you are sitting
slouched or while you are training it.

Whether you go to the gym or not, having a foam roller for your back muscles is extremely

What About A Nono Foam Roller?

In my opinion, the Nano foam roller should be separate from the previous two, and if you can
have it as an addition, that will be great. This is because a Nano foam roller offers something
that neither of the other two does and that is an efficient, effective, and extremely relieving
foot massage.

I call it a foot massage but I prefer to think about it as pain relief and pressure release within
the feet.

Should You Use A Message Stick Or Foam Roller every day?

In my experience, it is never a good thing to do something every day especially when it
comes to your body.

I would say that you should use a massage stick, foam roller, or Nano foam roller when you
need to use it rather than just using it for no good reason.


At the end of the day, you should use what you are more comfortable with. As I always like
to recommend, if you have any pre-existing conditions it is best to always speak to a doctor
before doing anything when it comes to your body. For now, why not check out some of our
other articles regarding foam rollers and massage sticks.

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