Benefits of Walking on a Treadmill Every Day

Do you have access to a treadmill? Do you use it regularly?It should come as no surprise that treadmills are excellent machines for cardio

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Do you have access to a treadmill? Do you use it regularly?

It should come as no surprise that treadmills are excellent machines for cardio exercises. You can conveniently practice cardio exercises on a treadmill, the most basic of which is walking. Daily walking is highly recommended to people of all ages, sizes and health conditions.

Unless a healthcare or medical professional specifically tells you not to walk because of any medical problems, there is no reason you should not be doing it. We have listed some of the innumerable benefits of walking on a treadmill every day to further encourage you to start this exercise immediately.

Let’s walk right in.

1. Convenience and Safety

The convenience of a treadmill is by far the best benefit of walking on the machine. Unlike regular outdoor walking, walking on a treadmill allows you the convenience of not having to worry about the risks of outdoor or public walking.

You can watch TV, read something or listen to music without having to worry about outdoor risks such as traffic, tripping on irregular grounds, security and many other external hazards. Simply switch on the treadmill and start walking without any hesitations.

Day or night, you will never have to go far from home or lose valuable time away from any responsibilities. Treadmills allow you to track your exercise with measurements such as distance walked, calories burnt, and some can even measure your heart rate.

Additionally, you can even control your walking through basic settings like speed, incline and start/stop with the ease of a button on any treadmill.

Having the ability to get in a great daily exercise with the convenience of home and pausing in between for responsibilities is something you can only get from walking on a treadmill. Although, we highly recommend you maintain a daily routine and pause or skip only when it is absolutely necessary.

2. Healthy Heart

This is one of the biggest benefits of walking on a treadmill every day. As a cardio exercise, it will increase your heart rate and blood circulation for the duration of your walk. Daily regular walks will result in long term benefits like cholesterol reduction and cleaner arteries.

Additionally, daily walking will give your heart a regular workout and make it stronger, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease. People suffering from high blood pressure can benefit from the balanced blood pressure that comes with a strong heart from regular walking.

3. Healthy Lungs

Another benefit of any regular cardio exercise is the promotion of a healthy pulmonary system (lungs). When you walk on a treadmill every day, it increases your rate of breathing while walking, which exercises your lungs regularly. This helps make your lungs stronger and healthier in the long run.

4. Healthy Muscles

You use your leg muscles to walk and it should not be surprising that walking on a treadmill every day will improve those muscles. With each passing day of walking, you are making your lower body muscles stronger and healthier.

What may be surprising is that your leg muscles are not the only muscles you can make stronger from regular treadmill walks. If you incorporate periodic side stepping, crunching or flexing abdominal muscles while walking, you can strengthen your body’s core muscles as well.

5. Healthy Bones

Not many people are aware that daily walking helps increase your bone density, which gives them strength and keeps them healthy for longer. This will help you avoid diseases like osteoporosis as well as joint pains as you get older.

6. Healthy Joints

Older people with joint problems face difficulty in movements, especially in the winters. Treadmills are a blessing for them, or anyone with joint or bone problems, because of a cushioning system that is typically present in every treadmill.

This cushioning system allows for decreased stress on joints while walking and maintains your mobility and flexibility. It lets you walk for longer and improves your joints at the same time. There really are immense benefits of walking on a treadmill every day and they do not end here.

7. Weight Loss

Weight loss is a subjective benefit when it comes to walking on a treadmill every day. Regardless, losing weight is a very real and easily achievable possibility with daily treadmill walks. An average person weighing 150 pounds can burn 200-500 calories for every hour of moderate-paced treadmill walking.

The number of calories burnt is highly dependent on the intensity of your walks. If you walk every day and keep challenging yourself with upper-moderate intensity, you can lose a healthy amount of weight every week.

However, it will not matter how many calories you burn from daily walking unless you adhere to a strict calorie-deficit diet. Only then can you lose weight from walking on a treadmill every day. If you burn 400 calories from walking, only to eat a 1000-calorie burger meal afterwards, you will not see any results of weight loss from your walking routine.

8. Stress Reduction

As you walk on a treadmill daily, without the worry of outdoor external hazards, you are exercising and relieving stress at the same time. Any form of exercise helps reduce stress and walking on a treadmill every day is no exception.

The practice of taking time out to improve your health, gives you time away from the daily stresses of your life. If you set goals and stay committed, you will see subsequent results in your health. This delayed reward system, and a healthier body, reduces your everyday and overall stress levels.


The health benefits of walking on a treadmill every day are plentiful and long lasting. The results you get are realistic and easily achievable, especially in terms of weight loss. Anyone can easily incorporate this exercise in their daily life and make it a regular habit with relative ease.

Apart from the numerous life-changing health benefits, walking on a treadmill every day is safe, convenient and allows you much more flexibility with your time and efforts. We highly recommend you invest in a treadmill and start walking daily as a regular exercise.

For more information on walking, exercises, treadmills and a healthy lifestyle, please visit our website.

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