Where To Buy Used Barbells and Dumbbells Online?

It could be due to recent events but working out at home has become more popular than ithas ever been.

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It could be due to recent events but working out at home has become more popular than it
has ever been. However, this article is also geared towards people who are trying to build
small gyms. Is it worth it to buy your equipment specifically barbells and dumbbells used and
where can you find them?

Companies like Primo Fitness USA and Show Me Weights are dedicated to buying used products, making sure they work, refurbishing them, and selling them on to you. This makes them not the cheapest option available but they are the option that offers the least amount of risk.

In this article, we are going to talk about 7 of the best online classified market places where
you can buy used dumbbells and barbells. We are also going to go a little bit in detail about
whether or not it is worth it to buy these products second-hand. So, for everything that you
need to know about buying used barbells and dumbbells, keep reading.

Top 7 Places To Buy Used Barbells Online

Here is a list of the top 7 best online marketplaces for you to buy used dumbbells and barbells. It is important to remember to do your research before buying a product online.

● Primo Fitness USA
● Show Me Weights
● Facebook marketplace
● eBay
● Craigslist
● Facebook groups
● Letgo

Primo Fitness USA

Primo Fitness USA made it to the top of this list because I believe that it is one of the best ways of buying not only used barbells and dumbbells but also almost any kind of gym equipment that you need.

This company acts as a middle man. They purchase used gym equipment, refurbish it, and make sure that everything is working 100%, and then sell it on to you. This obviously means that they are not the cheapest.When you buy used barbells and dumbells from Primo Fitness USA, you can do so knowing that you are buying from a reputable company that is not going to risk their reputation by
trying to do their customers in.

This article is about buying used barbells online but allow me to list a few of the other things
that Primo Fitness USA sells online. This might be very useful information if barbells and
dumbbells are just one of the things that you are looking to purchase used.

● Treadmills
● Bikes
● Barbells
● Plates
● Weights
● Mats
● And much more

Show Me Weights

As of writing this article, this company does not currently have any barbells in stock but I’m sure that will change from day-to-day. Show Me Weights has a wide variety of gym equipment that is used and much like the previous company, they act as the middleman who takes on the risk of buying the used equipment.

The reason why this company did not make it to number one on this list is simply because they cater to selling gym equipment in large quantities but they are not limited to that. You can as an individual hop onto their website and start looking for used barbells and dumbbells online.

Again much like with Primo Fitness, this company is not the cheapest option because they already buy second-hand equipment, make sure that everything is working and is clean before selling it on to you. With that being said, it is still cheaper than buying brand new barbells and dumbbells.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is seriously becoming one of my favorite online used goods market places. It is because of the ease of use. They have also recently introduced a rating system that can help you determine whether or not you can trust the buyer or seller. When you couple this with the fact that with a click of your button or your touchscreen, you can take a look at the seller’s profile and this is where you can use your best judgment to tell whether or not you trust the seller as well.

When searching for used barbells and dumbbells online and when you are using the Facebook marketplace, you can select the area in which you want the seller to be in. You can then increase the radius little by little until you find a barbell or dumbbell set that you like the best.


There is not much that we can say about eBay except for why we chose to add to this list. eBay has had the seller and buyer rating system for years now and it has made dealing with people a whole lot easier. You can definitely find barbells for sale in your area using eBay and if not, most of the sellers on eBay are more than willing to ship the item, albeit, perhaps for a small fee.

The best thing about eBay is it has a good consumer protection plan and place. However, as I always mention when talking about online marketplaces, I always suggest paying for your goods only when you can see the products. This is just for your own safety.


The only reason that Craiglist made it onto this list is because of the wide range of products that are available to buy second-hand from Craigslist. This includes barbells and dumbbells. While doing my research, I found a lot of advertisements where people were selling used barbells and they seem to be in fairly good condition.

Personally, I will only use Craigslist after trying out all the other options on this list. That is because craigslist has built somewhat of a reputation for having people on there that are trying to scam customers. Even though it is rare, it is more prevalent than in most other options.

When dealing with anyone on craigslist I highly recommend that you deal with somebody in your area. Do not pay for the product online, rather go out to pick up the product and pay for it there once you know that everything is ok.

Facebook Groups

In theory, the Facebook marketplace should have rendered Facebook buy and sell groups irrelevant but this is not the case. They are actually still thriving today because they offer a different experience to the marketplace.

The only way to describe why it is different from the marketplace is to say that you are dealing with people who have similar interests to you. You aren’t just buying from a reseller in most cases.


In order to use Letgo, you have to download the app on an Android or iOS device. That is not such a bad thing but it is a slight inconvenience that might throw a lot of people off. However, I recommend downloading the app, taking a quick browse and you never know, you might find a really good deal.

As an online classified, I would say that Letgo is slowly growing and becoming more popular because there seem to be very few negative outlooks on the company. So, you should definitely give it a try.

Barbells and Dumbbells
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Is It Worth It To Buy Used Barbells Online?

This is a great question and one that I am going to love answering. Whether you are an individual who is looking to get some gym equipment in the home or maybe you are trying to build a small gym area for your employees, I would say that taking a look at websites like Primo Fitness USA and Show me Weights is your best option. Things like dumbbells, barbells, and plates are not mechanical objects and therefore, they make for good used products.

Basically, because of the low risk that comes with buying used barbells and dumbbells online, I would say that buying them used is more worth it. However, that is just my personal experience.


As I said, this article is not only aimed at individuals. It is also aimed at people who might be thinking of starting their own gym or building one for the employees. Either way, with enough
research and by taking a look at the options that we listed above, you will definitely find a set
of dumbbells and barbells, perhaps even the plates for the barbells. Hopefully, you find ones
that are in great condition and come at a fair price.

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