Where to Buy Used Peloton Bikes Online?

Buying a Peloton bike brand new from the store is great and it will always be the best option.However, I understand that it is

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Buying a Peloton bike brand new from the store is great and it will always be the best option.
However, I understand that it is not the best option for everyone and some people might be
looking at buying a used Peloton bike online. The question is, where do you find these
bikes? Let’s take a quick look.

Some of the most notable online marketplaces where you can buy a used Peloton
bike include the Facebook marketplace, unofficial Facebook groups, and eBay. When
buying a used Peloton
bike online you need to make sure that you do enough
research and never pay for the bike before you have seen it.

In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at buying a Peloton bike online. We will
be discussing the top five marketplaces then we will discuss some important information like
what happens to the warranty and the subscriptions when buying a used Peloton bike.
Finally, we will take a look at whether or not it is worth it. So, keep reading.

5 Online options For Buying Used Peloton Bikes Online

In this section, we are going to talk about the top five places where you can shop online for
used Peloton bikes. This list took quite a lot of research as we wanted to find the best
options for you. We will start off by making a small list and then talking a little bit about each
of these options. So, here is a list of online marketplaces where you can buy a used Peloton

● Facebook marketplace
● The unofficial peloton trade group
● eBay
● Craigslist
● Letgo

Before we talk about each of these options, it is important to remember that Peloton does
not endorse using any online options to purchase a used peloton bike.

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is slowly starting to become the number one online store for
used goods. One of the best things about buying your peloton bike from the Facebook marketplace is that you get to get a better understanding of who the person is that you are buying from. This is because you can look at their profile.

A tip that I have when buying a used peloton bike off the Facebook marketplace is to do
thorough research on the person you are buying from. Also, when searching for a peloton
bike try and keep the radius of your search as small as possible and increase it slightly until
you find a good option.

Unofficial Facebook group

Buy and sell groups might seem a little bit redundant due to the introduction of the Facebook
marketplace however, it can sometimes be a lot better than the marketplace. This is
because you are often dealing with people who have similar interests to you and therefore
are less likely to try any funny business.

The unofficial buy and sell Facebook group does have some downsides and the biggest one
is that you can’t select the radius in terms of the distance away from you that the seller is.
So, you will have to wait until someone posts an ad that is close to your area unless you
don’t mind paying extra for shipping.


eBay is quite possibly the number one online marketplace for used goods. Everybody knows
about eBay and one of the great things about them is they offer great consumer protection.
With all of that being said, even with that great consumer protection you still need to do
thorough research on the person you are buying from. You also need to make sure that you
read absolutely everything about the ad and also make sure that you understand the
wording of the ad carefully.

Because of its seller rating system and consumer protection, eBay might be your best


The craigslist marketplace is slowly starting to decrease in popularity at least that is in my
experience. However, millions of people every year use the craigslist marketplace to buy and
sell used goods.

The biggest downside to using Craigslist is that it does not have very good consumer
protection and so you will need to do thorough research on the person you are buying the
bike from. Do not ever pay for the bike until you have seen it and until you know you can
walk away with it.


Letgo is one of the newest options available to Americans. It is important to remember to use
all of the tips that we listed for the options above, even when using Letgo.

The biggest downside to using let go would definitely have to be the fact that you need to
install the app before you can use the services so that is something to keep in mind.

What Happens To The Warranty Of A Used Peloton BikeOnline?

It is extremely important that you keep this in mind when buying a used Peloton bike online.
The warranty that Peloton offers is only valid for the original owner. It will not transfer to you
and this is true whether you live in the United States, one of the countries that they ship to,
or anywhere else in the world.

What Happens To The Subscriptions And Credits When You Buy A Used Peloton Bike Online?

When a seller sells their used Peloton bike they can transfer their subscriptions and their subscription credits to the buyer. So, even if you buy a used Peloton bike you can still get all
the benefits that a membership offers.

If you want to start out with your own subscription, that is perfectly fine. All you have to do is
go to the Peloton website and sign up over there.

Is Buying A Used Peloton Bike Online Worth It?

The benefits that come with purchasing a brand new Peloton bike from the official Peloton store makes it extremely difficult to answer this question in a positive way.

When you buy a Peloton bike brand new from the store you get a warranty, you get a brand new bike, and you also get the option to finance the bike. In my experience, the fact that their financing comes with 0% down and 0% interest makes buying a used peloton bike online, a very hard sell.

I guess you can say that, whether or not buying a used peloton bike online is worth it, completely depends on you and what you want to get out of the bike. In my personal experience, I recommend taking a look at the Peloton online store and maybe seeing if financing a bike is a better option than buying a used one.

Bonus: Can You Buy Peloton Bikes From Amazon?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy a Peloton bike from Amazon. In fact, after doing some
research I could not even find a used peloton bike from Amazon. However, Amazon does
sell one thing that you might be interested in.

Amazon sells certain trays that connect to your Peloton bike so that you can put your laptop
on it while you cycle. This is great for people who have recently started working from home
and need to keep up with what is happening at work while exercising.


That brings us to the end of this article and hopefully, we answered all of your questions.
At the end of the day, the best option for you depends on your needs. Keeping fit might not
seem very achievable to a lot of people due to work. With the new current circumstances
where most people have started working from home, having a Peloton bike in your house is
most definitely a good investment.

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