Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycles are a great investment for anyone to make. Not only are they used by almostall pro athletes but they are also becoming more common for individuals to have because oftheir accessibility and reliability. With all of that being said, let’s take a look at some of thebenefits of indoor cycling. The benefits of … Read more

Where to Buy Used Peloton Bikes Online?

Peloton Bikes

Buying a Peloton bike brand new from the store is great and it will always be the best option.However, I understand that it is not the best option for everyone and some people might belooking at buying a used Peloton bike online. The question is, where do you find thesebikes? Let’s take a quick look. … Read more

What Are The Best Smart Rowers

What Are The Best Smart Rowers

What Are The Best Smart Rowers? Rowing is a home exercise that is growing in popularity across the world. The low impact and multiple intensity training options of rowing provide a workout to 86% of the body, making indoor rowers one the best home exercises available, so increasingly, manufacturers have been harnessing smart technology to … Read more

Is insanity good for weight loss?

Is Insanity Good for Weight Loss

What is insanity? Insanity workout is a series of exercises set at high intensity with a short period of pauses for rest. This program will be done for 60 days together with its own diet plan.  Insanity workout is created by the celebrity fitness coach together with Beachbody. This is said to make you burn … Read more

Can You Lose Belly Fat on a Rowing Machine

Can You Lose Belly Fat on Rowing Machine

Are you on the verge of getting rid of your pot belly? Apart from the regular tummy exercises, you are looking for a machine to incorporate training balance and improving your flexibility. You probably have heard of a rowing machine (or even using one now). However, you aren’t sure if it will give you what … Read more